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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Embroidery and Tattoos

 My squirrel project is progressing nicely. I want to 'suggest' this tree's bark in the 'blank' areas you see in the drawing below. I wasn't sure what stitch to use, so I asked the teacher, of course, and she, SharonB., suggested I use more than one.  What? Combine a bunch of stitches?  Sweet! I never thought of that. At. All.
So I will be working on that next.  I must admit I am having fun planning this out, as opposed to my usual jumping in with both feet.

My view from my the right of the TV, of course.  The beach scene on top keeps getting things added to it...shells, rocks, sticks, feathers...

Ben had to get someone else to do the tatting on his right arm.
A Phoenix.
Above a Dragon.  Like the dragon patch Dan brought home one year long ago.

That one needed collage-ing to show it all.

More wildlife.  A spider.  It ran under the couch and was gone.  It was a big spider.  A really big spider.

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  1. I forgot about that beach piece. I LOVE that piece! And the tattoos are cool too but I don't know too much about that...

    OK..back to the double-word verification...let's hope it only takes me three tries this time...