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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Working On The Tree

Those random lines are the tree. {The 'spots' are the knots of the yarn I used for the squirrel. I wasn't sure if wanted to have large lumps on the back, so they are on the front...for now.}

These 2 shots are basically the same, just one is with flash, the other is not.
But they show the lines differently.

This is a closer look at my start of the bark....I didn't like the chain stitch alone so I added a thin wool thread running through it, like that much better. The stem stitch in the middle gives the bark a nice ridge. The third is a split stitch. [the yellow is my outline, instead of pen or pencil lines.  the pen on the fabric hid the 'holes' in the weave. made it hard to see as i stitched.]  I am learning a lot about how threads themselves look, not just shiny or matte, like I have always seen threads.

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  1. I'm so glad you're taking this class. I can see you're learning a lot from it already. And your squirrel is very nice...

    P.S. I think these two words say "torsemin ndatermi" OK...back to the old two word verification grind...

    Have I complained enough yet?