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Friday, May 11, 2012

MoonPath and Squirrel

So, back to MoonPath and adding threads.  

It wasn't until I saw this shot that I noticed the straight line in the looks like a needle resting there.  I will have to do something over that or I will forever see it, it's TOO straight! The stitches up in the sky area are done with a wool DMC thread.
I didn't care for the look of the blue around the dolphin, I wanted to blend it in with the background blue, so I used some hand-dyed perle cotton size 5 as the 'blender'.

I used it on both dolphins. And I am now working on the lower water area, pix another day.
Now this is what else I have started....a squirrel....

embroidery class project.


  1. i can see the splashing of the water. beautiful stitching effects.

  2. Vicky...i've looked at this a lot,
    the moonpath...and just really
    realized that it's nice, but
    How Would You Know???? because
    i didn't leave any message. oh,
    anyway, you have REALLY done some
    incredible things with this creating movement, mood, tension. it's really
    SOMETHING...congratulations on a really really very fine cloth!!!!