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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sumptuous Embroidery 101

In the beginning....there was thread.  Well, actually, there was an idea to do a squirrel, then came the threads....

So I went looking for a coloring page of a squirrel.  I am not sure which direction I want my squirrel to face, so I don't know if either of these is going to work. 
Then I got gray to black threads out because we are fond of the gray squirrels in our area. And I need a monotone palette for this first half of the class.
What I DIDN'T think about was the way I would be doing this.  I knew I wanted to outline the squirrel and do all the embroidery outside of her,  but when it came to selecting the threads, I was 'stuck' on GRAY SQUIRREL.  Not BROWN trees....not GREEN grass....not AUTUMN leaves.  Or any of the colors of a squirrels environment. Nope.  I was stuck on GRAY.  
So I will be doing a GRAY area for the 'invisible' squirrel to live in.
So. Is that considered 'thinking outside the box'?  
Or just plain goofy?  Either way, that would describe me to a TEE...TEA...T....

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  1. You'll be fine. There's lots of color ranges to gray...from really light to almost black. it will be fabulous! I like both of these squirrels...and BTW, let me thank you right now for not changing and deciding to do that big rat!

    P.S. Do you know you have double word verification on? It's really annoying, which, if you like annoying me. that's OK. but if you didn't realize it was on, consider this your public service announcement. most of the time I can't figure out the letters and I start to sweat with anxiety when I see I'm going to have to "perform" I go...