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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nesting and ViewPath Update

ViewPath has grown a sky. I wanted to repeat the circles in the green land/fields area, but solid circles just weren't right, especially after I plopped the outside of the circle on. {the donut shape}
 You can see the stitching better from the back....
 and even closer...I am doing big bold stitches, and lots and lots of smaller stitches....that little blue piece was an got caught up in the moment, literally.
Nests.  This one is the newest. Dan found this mossy {and one feather} wonder tucked in the engine area of the truck.  I think it's a Junko nest, because I see those birds hopping around under the cars.  I sure hope the owners of this home are not 'lost'.
 The large nest is from the newspaper box across the street.  And the lousy shot of the other small nests are 2 hummers and a wasp {?} nest.
 On the hummer feeder there is a seed....
 ...did it get blown there, or could it have been brought in by one of the birds??

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