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Saturday, April 07, 2012

New Cloth...ViewPath

With the girls, Megan and Lily, here during the week now, so Meg can finish in her current school, I find there is little "me time".  Lily is now at the 'ask a bajillion questions' stage in her 3rd year.  I like to talk to myself when I am creating, and prefer to answer my own questions, not hers.  But...there is something I can do with them here...tear fabric and make new cloths.  Seems Lily isn't that interested in it. 
 I haven't finished MoonPath yet, only because I don't know where to go with it yet.  So I started a green piece....which leads me to spring time and SUN....
 ...and chairs under umbrellas....this chair is one of my first adventures into Paper Piecing design.  This one is a mess!  I have the blue ocean showing between the 'slats' in the chair, but the sand is all I have AROUND the chair. Sheesh.
 The back of the piece, before I picked out all the bits and bits of paper. I love this part of paper piecing!
 Oh...this is the bright green thread I am using to tack down the greens.  I am leaving the stitches bold this time.
 After about a nano second of thought, I cut the chair block down a bit.
 And dug out scraps for sun, sky, mountains and decking, for above and below the green landscape.  
Now I need to tear up the scraps!  Oh...and that circle of moon?  Not sure if that will stay.  It waits.


  1. i like your little chair and umbrella that were paper pieced. i don't have the patience for paper piecing.

  2. deanna...i like the paper piecing because i can get sharp points...otherwise all my stars were stunted!