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Saturday, April 21, 2012

I've Been Working on a ViewPath...

I have been working on ViewPath A LOT.  The sunny sense to it has been sorely needed by myself.  I have been thinking about how it is so California like....I am from there you know.  Mt. Tamalpais. Mt. Diablo, rolling green hills, the front deck on the house in the  Sierra's...the umbrella is like the yellow hat I wore all the time as a called it my Harriet the Spy hat.
ViewPath before adding green stitching
ViewPath AFTER adding some green stitching on the left side 
you can see it a little better in this shot
trying to show how the stitching is more vertical in the green, and straight across in the yellow/blue
The stitching in the green is sloped...but hard to tell for now. The stitching really tames the bits of fabric, as you can tell in the sky area.
that little 'stocking' is was decided the brown....
  Steph had gone shoe shopping while here last weekend.  She took the stocking-ette thingie out of her pocket....and my imagination went wild!!!  Steph shook her head and said 'gross'.  Not sure if the stocking-ette will be included in the final work...on the front side...."you just never know".  {family motto}                  

 Had these two lovelies here this last week, along with my other 2 lovelies of course.  The messy shot was for mama at work...'see what Gup lets me have?' Cho. cookie.
Rhiley is not into having her picture taken...but her curls sure don't mind!!!

Pix are screwy because I  moved picky.

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