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Friday, November 04, 2011

Stitchy Things

 Recently arlee showed us how to square up our cloths in the FrankenStitch class.
 I ended up with a few ridges....this one, above, should be interesting to work on the lacy area.
 I finished the bridge over this area, but I think it looks more like a ladder.
 come on over!
 The whole thing so far....

...I twisted the snaky tie thing, tucked it under the tie-dye silk, and created a mole eye under it.  The pins kinda show where it's hiding under there.  This may not be done, but that snaky tie thing is finally tamed!!  It kept getting caught on anything it could...I even ended up stitching it to the back and had to rescue it.


  1. i bet some of those stitches would look great along the pathways of your magic cloth. i love that first photo.

  2. it's all just great!...i love that
    it's changes as you go...
    it must be really fun to do...

  3. Vicky, your cloth is wonderful! I love the texture. Wishing you a weekend with no more surprises in the remodel.