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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Change of Mood and Direction

But first for your funny bone...this box was very popular with the girls last weekend...and it held up with all that play.  I happened to notice this on the side....I love this! art by Megan.
 For the second bit of random...newly dyed towels.  They were green and yellow, to 'go' with the old bath colors.  So into the washer they went with 1 package of Firey Red, 1 Goldfish Orange, and 1 [other name] Orange, all Dylon dyes.  The yellow towels, bottom of pile, could use a little more....well something to darken them a bit. But the green ones....I got rust/paprika/dark terracotta....just what I wanted!!!  
And from the green base color too.
 Ok, this is where the mood and direction change comes in.  I was sitting here yesterday mulling over the FrankenStitch pieces...and decided I didn't really like them. I enjoyed doing the stitching, I just think they look like samplers. Not into samplers.
In came Ben. "You need a new project, Mom."  
So this piece came to mind....
The one I tried to do a tree on and didn't like. 
The one I was gifted 2 beautiful pieces of silk chiffon for....But while trying to find it in my footstool storage, this piece of brown [wool?] felt looked up at me...and the rest fell into place far faster than words can say....

The bits of extra tree are stitched onto the trunk, but not the background, the yellow/green silk is stitched down, as you can see, and the blue is partly pinned. Not sure yet where this will go after attaching the tree...
I am happy again!


  1. Vicky, thanks for your tip on Jude's blog. I'd love to go ou, take my car, and do some stitching in the sun!
    Somehow I cannot find time for my self in our busy family life. I could work in the attic, but first I should do some space clearing and decorating, but I cannot find time to do that. So thanks for your kind words, it feels good when someone understands.

  2. I love your felt tree, and it's beautiful background.

  3. really like how you did the background.

  4. Dawg!! Megan has your talent!

    I never thought to dye my old towels!! You smartie britches...

    And I'm loving that felt tree...It's growing somewhere!

    Like the bathroom too...and specially that ter-lett...