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Monday, November 14, 2011

Are You a Flixer?

I am. My granddaughters are flixies.
We watch a lot of Netflix offerings.
I love watching tv shows this way....a whole season at a time!!!!
Rescue Me, Saving Grace, and others. 
Now Vampire Diaries, because Steph is hooked too.
I also like everything AMC is coming out with....Breaking Bad, Hell On Wheels, The Walking Dead....
I am the same way with books...gotta find authors with many titles so I can keep the series going!!  Game of Thrones, not the tv version yet, just the books.  S.M. Stirling books.  All of Neil Gaiman's even though he doesn't write in series'.  I love reading a book I don't have to rewrite in my head as I go.
Just so you know I do have other interests in my life.  Hah.
squirrel antics
 the felt tree is stitched down.  not sure what else i want to do with this, 
so i will leave it for a while.
back of the felt tree
 My Magic Diary cloth is finally seeing my hands again.  Water for butterflies.

added the thread and it's label in case you want something original too.

 these pixs are kinda on the dull side, no sun for days here....
steph was home so we threw some fabrics into a dye pot. the above piece goes perfectly with magic...
this is a linen tablecloth...looks a little better than this in person.


  1. just love that tree. and yes, i'm a flixer. i've been watching the Bramwell series. will probably be dropping the streaming soon because i bought a kindle fire which should arrive any day now and will be changing to amazon prime for streaming.

  2. I'm the same way! JIm and I watched the entire series of Downton Abbey from the BBC just a few weeks ago...and yes, I like to listen to books that are a looooong series. Not sure what types of books you like but the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon is one of my faves of all time. The Scottish brogue of hte main character alone is worth it!