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Friday, November 18, 2011

Bits Of Bits

 I got the T-squares put up in the bathroom, they are great for magnets!  I need some heavy duty mags, though, for the wallies. Right now this one is clothes pinned, as are the curtains on the window.  I am hoping that stick you see in the corner will become a curtain rod.
 That is the crow quilt, with the 'murder' of crows in the tree, 
that I made with yarn, arlee.
 Steph gave me this itty bitty kitty mags last year...
 my blurry bits can hang here too. {very small rotary cutting ruler on a key fob.}
 Back when I showed you the dyed linen tablecloth, I meant to point out this...area....


  1. i'd like to see a close up of the crows please--looks wonderful!

  2. What creativi-T !!

    Your display fits those crows to a T!