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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Costumes, Toilets, and Frankenstitch

 My what big teeth you have Lily!
Don't let your babies grow up to be cowgirls...
 So, where did you say milk comes from Gup?
 See mom, her hair is getting longer...{which got a snort from me/mom/gup}
 Where's the cropped version of this? At least the tv had something suitable on it.
Oh...that's Megan with the big teeth this time. 
The only pic we have of the girls before trick and treating.  Lily was going to be a ghost, changed her mind, wore the giraffe costume again this year, but added some white makeup...she was the neighborhood hit.
Dan spent all day yesterday getting the flooring in...well half of that time was spent going up and down the stairs to the shop where the table saw is.
 Then he put in the toilet....which I love!!!!!
 So why is there a heater and fans going in the room???  See that little plastic pipe trying to hide behind the toilet??  Dan accidentally bumped it, so of course it shattered because it's plastic!! I am sure we had similar facial expressions as we passed each other,[OH SHIT] him to go turn off the water, me to go try to stem the flow.
 The flooring is laminate, and so far I lovvvvvve it.
I did a little Frankenstitching this last weekend.

 and did I show you the torn bit?  where I tore the fabric to fit the snaky silk thing in, and because it was an area of big blahness.
I came up with the idea to bridge it.  This is a 'so far' pic.
I had a day of half full fuckus interruptis. 
Had to wash the clean sheets and towels I had used to contain the flood. 
Ran the DW half full because plasticware stained with tomato sauce, don't fit nicely together.  
Moved the fans and heater around many many times.

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