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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My Daughters Bday

Today is Ashley's birthday. 
HB sweetie pie!! 
She is usually at the back of the pack, so this year I felt the need to fuss over her more. 
 Knowing I couldn't hang the HB  banner in her house as a surprise, I decided to make her one. So first I tried it with string and duct tape....yes the is duct tape my dear friends.
 That worked ok, but....I thought about the felt I used for the big I broke it out, a thread color to contrast and stitched it up in about 3 seconds!  Seriously, it didn't take long at all, the letters are linked together with the thread instead of doing one at a time.
 I still had my thimble on, so added it for size ref, because I do that a lot....
 Close-ups of the letters.
 I got a package of trees for holiday decor at Home Depot, so I glued magnets to the bottom of 2 and stuck them on this 5 x 7 piece of alummmmmium we got for an idea for the bathroom....anyway, I also cut out Ashley's name from generic mag's that you get on phone books [remember those?] and such. No pix of that though, sorry, I forgot my camera, Dan had to use his phone.  I wanted to use the ABC letters, but we couldn't find them easily.  Ashley liked the generic ones, so all is good.
 Normally I call the kids first thing, and sing HB to them.  I didn't do that this time and Ashley was like, "WTF mom?"   We made up for it by taking her cake, a giant balloon and gift cards.

 Rhiley loves the balloon.
Happy Birthday my dear first daughter Ashley!!!
We love you!!!

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  1. love the bannerx happy birthday to your daughter..the 2nd was mine.....we Scorpio's need to stick togetherxx