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Friday, August 12, 2011


College Girl Steph got these from the Brown Truck Guy.....2 of them....for herself and her Travel Buddy.  Why?  Because she is going to Europe!!!!!!   She leaves next week, flying to Paris first, so of course, when in Paris, "Do The Lou"vre. Tacky. I know.  But way WOOOWHOOOO
After a couple of days in Paris, where they will see the Tower of Eiffel, of course, if not go up into it, they will then travel by Euro Pass to Italy!!!!!!!  
Florence is the final destination.
They are taking a 'study abroad' class, art no less.  Steph's major is art history. 

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  1. she will love it. Paris and all its Art etc is amazing, been there many times...enjoy girl.x lynda