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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Funny Thought

Daughter Ashley has frogs in the grass of their new home.Teeny tiny frogs. Something about a wetland close by.  Anyway.  Rhiley in her 2 year old fearless way, was holding a frog in each hand, and Ashley thought, "what if she bites one?"  She didn't... seems Rhiley DID put a frog in her mouth.  She just told me she gave the "frog a kiss" and then made smoochy mouch...


  1. At least there is one child being taught that she can play with frogs and bugs and not be afraid of them! Good for her!

  2. ew! I'm happy she wasn't afraid of them. (Ours are VERY poisonous here!)

  3. l agree with you Vicki..and she is taught what is ok and what is not.xx love 2year olds! lynda