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Sunday, August 07, 2011


I don't think I even looked at a needle all week, let alone held one in my hand!
Why?  Because of granddaughters.  Their pix are below, me first.
So as I looked at that glaring white spot in this D shaped 'window', I pulled out the rest of the scrap of shirt from Grace...there in a seam was this 2.5 inch long snippet in the facing area, so there were really 4 I snipped them off the shirt and stitched 'em down.  Kinda looks like they are tentacles reaching out for the ever you look at it, the problem spot is no longer a glaring white spot.
 This is half of the whole of this cloth, with the butterfly showing where it sits in the right half...the sun shining on this shows off the stitching rather nicely...thank you Sun. 
 Must not forget the other half of the whole.  The "distorted" weave is all stitched down.  Mo Crow commented that it looked like a path going through the garden...I hadn't even seen it that way at all...duh!  It sure does!  Thank You Mo.
 and the big D from the other direction.
 3 of the 4 distractions of this last week.
 I just kept clicking the camera til the battery gave out [they were ready to be replaced anyway]
Rhiley, 2, and her 2 month old sister Avery, and their 3 year old cousin, Lily.   
My Gulls.


  1. Vicky..i love your sky thing.
    i don't ever have a need to identify shapes as something in particular...just if they are interesting to me?..
    i love this magic cloud thing. when i have stitched very small scraps like that i feel so great...
    maybe just a sky spirit?????

    those girls of yours...little sprites, but oh jeez. they would
    wear me to a frazzle....
    i can imagine the 3 of us, my daughter, me, the granddaughter mother all taking care of the one
    little boy, 3to1 but this is the other way's a LOT OF
    ENERGY expended! i give you credit!

  2. gorgeous lucky personxxlynda

  3. what cutie girls and with such pretty names.

  4. oh how sweet they are. aren't they the greatest at that age...
    and your cloth is wonderful. i'll say more on SEW.

  5. oh my goodness .. your grandbabies are so adorable .. what a handful!!! So precious .. I love loving on my grand babies!!! And I saw the recent post on your cloth and it's beautiful .. I love how it's developing!!

  6. Just beautiful! Blond or Bald. Totally beautiful.