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Thursday, July 28, 2011

MD Distortion Ideas

Yesterday I pulled out quite a few fabrics from my stash to add to my magic {diaries} cloth.  I had left this one to stitch down today, and as you can see I hadn't pinned it very well to the whole cloth.
 So when I swung it open {had folded it last night} and lay it down in front of me, I suddenly saw IT.  Distortion. Jude has been talking about it this week in the class, but I have felt rather stumped by it.  Until now.  I couldn't see the forest for the trees.  I couldn't see the 'distortion' because almost all of my pieces are already 'distorted', cockeyed, crooked, whatever.
 So bending the weave to fit this area between the print on the top fabric was exactly what I needed to do with this simple 'weave.'
Below is a prime example...I had made and stitched this one yesterday. There isn't a straight line anywhere!  {click to enlarge}  This fabric had been chewed by a dog, but I had saved this scrap anyway because I really like it.  So I just included the hole.
 Now this section is disturbing me.  The flowers are from Grace, her bright ass orange shirt she had shared a bit of with me.  It's the white part of the "D" shape on the right side...I will have to fix that somehow....


  1. Dropping by from Jude Hill's blog and I'm enjoying your blog and your fabric weaving, whispering, etc. Very interesting techniques and so many variations. Thanks for sharing.
    best, nadia

  2. Hi Vicki,
    that white space looks like the chiselled out bit for a hinge on a doorway maybe you could make a little cloth door that opens and closes revealing or concealing the flower?
    Just a thought.
    & love the colours on the bent weaving & the way it moves makes me feel like I'm exploring a pathway through a garden!