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Friday, August 19, 2011

She's Off

College Girl Steph is off to Europe.  First stop is Philadelphia Intl Apt....Wah?  That isn't Europe.  Ok. SECond stop is Paris Charles De Gaulle Apt.  In France!!!  All that was yesterday/this am.  By now she should be visiting the Louvre with her travel buddy. 

Now for me.  I have been sewing...between granddaughter demands.
With the thought of garden paths, came the thought of 'forks in the road'....wonder what I will quilt in that gap??  Will I forget?  Maybe.  For the moment there are flying geese in the path....course, if they are in the path they must not be flying....
 And this....well this thing of safety pins is another path idea...
 I was trying to hold this up to let the light through AND hold the camera.  So you could see the geese under the path of sheer. 
 Oh there's those geese....their bottom side at least....
 another attempt from the front...


  1. these paths are becoming Things of
    their own. taking on a depth of their own.
    Paths. i think of the meaning of the word
    how you are placing them, how they are interacting with other elements. this is becoming a very complex cloth with all the

  2. patchwork, pathwork, moving along