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Monday, July 11, 2011

Way Fun. Way.

Up to now, or last night really, I have done my cloth weaving on a background fabric.  I decided to try doing it without the backing to hold it all together.  It worked!
So the front......
 ....looks pretty much the same as the back....
I had not a clue how I would do this until I actually began.  I tore the fabric into strips, then lay down a gold piece.  Then lay the brown ones in the opposite direction, under and over the gold in a weave.  Pinned those, stitched across the gold strip, stitching over all the brown end bits too, of course.  Row 2, added another gold strip, over and under the browns.... I should have taken pix of the steps.

Today I am working on Magic Cloth again...I suddenly had ideas coming faster than fast.

We don't have the girls this week, so that's the reason for so much creativity.  I have time to spend in that part of my right brain.  I get ideas when the girls are here, but they are scattered in with child-stuff.


  1. i knew you would figure out a way. looks great.

  2. I am totally digging the cloth weaving too. I'm also weaving strips of paper. You're right, my fabrics might be interesting for you. Send me your address by email and I'll snail mail them to you.

  3. laurie i can't locate your email, so can you send to me first?