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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cloth Whispering

I have started adding to my large cloth, which is the 2 fabrics, the sheer on top, the striped gauze underneath, that I am doing as part of Magic Diaries with Jude Hill.
without flash
from back
back again
 stitching from the front
with flash
 my design curtains
 braid experiments
Thought I would gather most of my recent cloth weaving's and pin them to a curtain.  I am curious to see if they play nice together....or sort of together.


  1. ...and i love your braid.
    i took your suggestion about putting a sheer over my orange piece and i think it will work. thank you.
    left a comment on SEW.

  2. oh your BIZZYNESS!
    and the woven cloth, woven hair
    it's all great! those girls....
    i can't imagine.

  3. Love all those curtain weavings...and hair weaving too! That was one of my favorite things to with my daughters' hair! We loved what we called the 'china or fishtail' braid and many many many braids all at once! Oh, good memories!

  4. That yellow piece looks like bees to me...I don't know why....

    You have really taken to cloth weaving...Why? What is it about the weaving of cloth that has captured you?

    I think all your pieces go well together because of the weaving. Wouldnt it be great to do something with all of them? I think they look great together. xo Susan