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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

With the Girls Away...Gup Does Play

I am Gup {grandmother} to Meg and Lily....Lily started it, it stuck. 
I had tossed this weave on top of the whole cloth and loved how it looked, so I found a place for it and stitched it down.  I couldn't hide the butterfly though, so I cut out a window.....and folded back a corner to show the leaf beneath.

 I added the satin stitch to this area because it needed more stability.
 I stitched a leaf shape in by hand....
 ....looks more like a star....but I had to satin stitch around it because the sheer is not a tight weave, so it frayed fast!
 there is a spot there where the added weave to the back didn't quite fit the section I cut out of the gauze....I rather like it this way.
 And of course, here is the back to that area.

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