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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Follow that red car....
 keep following.....
 there it is....
 in front of her house....Ashley's house, the one she built!  She is sooooooooo happy, having her own home!  Danny is kinda low key about it, but that's ok, they did it!
 I like this fixture hanging in the stair well.
 Looking down on Ashley in the entryway....that baby face down on the floor...that's a doll...
 Steph standing in the living room.
 gratis picture of newest baby, Avery.  By far an unattractive pose! 
 Shes a very good baby though.
 Above is the picture of the backyard....this is a big joke in the neighborhood.
 Rhiley wanted the camera, so I took a picture of our feet.
 Steph and I found this 1970 Bug, it's for sale....
 I got to playing around again....
not sure what this "is".


  1. Sa-weet! Lovely house, and congrats to the little home owning family. And that backyard? They can save the $300 price of a lawnmower and but a kickass pair of scissors! :o)

  2. What a GREAT accomplishment! Congrats to Ashley et al!