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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fabric. Ebay.

I wanted to get some unusual fabric for an upcoming Jude Hill class, so I surfed eBay and came up with this offering. The yellow stripe, in the middle, is a kitchen towel weight...maybe shirting?
 Below...gauze with a peasant blouse I would have made and worn in the 70's.  I kept all the gauze type fabrics I had from those days...and can't find them....I may have tossed them. *F**K*.  They were just scraps....but still.  How long do you hold onto something????
You can kinda see the fabric underneath.
 Not sure what this fabric,above/below,  would be called...dobby? dotted swiss w/ dobby?
 This is a nice weight, below, not as sheer as the above fabric, but a nice hand.
 This is more brown than the photo shows....lots of it....gauzy/shirting weight.
 This is more denim color than you see here.  Like a bandanna in weight and color.
  I. Love. Seersucker.
Think I might use this for a blouse addition I am thinking of doing....
More on that if I ever do it.
Now all I gotta do is wait for July 1, the day the class starts!!  We will be doing a bigger cloth, so what I already had wasn't quite enough.....hah! 

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  1. It looks like you're having fun with all your Jude classes. Good for you!!