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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weaving Stories

Rhiley~21 months or so

A 'weaving' I started a bit ago, a~la Jude, using some of Mom's favorite shirt [the print], the dye experiments Steph did [she was going for black] and now some torn strips from a blouse my niece wore in and brought back from, India. The same niece that the silk merchant covered with scraps.  

After a day with the young lady in the first pix, 
I needed time for a creative fix.

Also in the first pix are the clotheslines we strung up for the girls to hang art, or whatever, up on. Dan screwed a 1x2 to each end of the table, add rope and done.  Megan likes to color the clothes pins too.  The purple paper is something Aunty Steph found at the college book store, on clearance of course. We are not sure what it will get used for, but until then, it graces the wall.

With mom in the nursing home now, we have given 'her' room over to a play room. It will always be a work in progress as the girls grow.

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  1. love your weaving. thanks for visiting my blog. i'm going to check out the eagle cam you watch.