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Monday, April 11, 2011

Me and My Gulls

my girls and me
 We have a sloped ceiling which complicates the hanging of quilts. Probably because none of my quilts are straight either. A crooked stick is not easy to work with either.
We also had to hang this one sideways to fit the space. 
tropical quilt with sea creatures round, dolphins, turtles, seahorses and starfish
The creature round went really fast! Probably because I raw edged the seahorses. So the next round is sand and palms and flowers....If I go any bigger, it won't fit my walls. So this is about as big as the gets.  [the dog is a jack russell, for size ref]
Rhiley didn't slow down for a nano second...the middle picture shows how we hope she will be with her sister, caring and loving. I generally have R. once a week and the other 2 every weekend.  Well....Ben has his girls every wkend, but since he lives here....
the house is painted!

Ashley and Danny's house has paint! They are hoping to move in in late May....when the baby is due, of course. I am so proud of those 2, building their own home! [and the others on this side of the street]
They are Rhiley's mom and dad.

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