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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tropical Quilt Back in the Works

Since the coral round was done, I hadn't gotten back to this project. I needed to add fabric to 2 after finally getting that done, I started adding the next round.  This is the turtle, dolphin, and seahorse round. After pinning on a few of each, I decided to take a full look at this.  Page happily stayed where she was so you can see the size of this quilt top.

 Wow.  Bigger than I thought.  So I went in search of another tropical type creature I would love to see.  I picked starfishes over many [millions] others because of their color range, though I have seen Discovery channel shows that say the starfish are harming coral in some areas.
 *who stuck that leg in middle of things here?
So here it is with the stars added, though you can't tell squat because they are just basted blobs of fabric. Oh, and the cat stopped long enough for me to use her for sizing. I am going to add ribbons and such for seaweed, winding through things,  instead of adding it as a round.  So the next row/round after this is the flowers/trees/seashells/?. !! Remember the goofy map I made for this in the beginning? I am doing pretty good about sticking to this 'plan'.

*The leg.  That's Ben's. With another tattoo idea taped on. 

College Girl Stephanie is home on spring break. She got in on a trip to Italy in August! I think it's for 5 weeks. Go Steph.  And she is planning on doing an off campus apt. with a friend next year. 

Middle Child, Ashley, is hoping to move into her house in early May. Just before baby Avery is due.  I have pictures of her kitchen counter tops, but from a cell phone, so they don't show up well here. I want to go take pictures myself one of these days.

My mom is staying in the nursing home.  Her care is now beyond me. She fell there too.  

I love you mom.


  1. Sorry to hear about Mom Vicky. :( I know you miss her -- even though it was hard to take care of her some days...

    I hope your quilt cheers you a bit. It really is a big happy fun quilt...And I can see those starfish from the blobs...Have you ever seen the work of Kirsten Chursinoff? She does a lot of sea creatures and star might want to google her and check it our for ideas. She also has some inspirational pics of the critters themselves on her blog.

    xo Susan

  2. You didn't tell me she fell at the nursing home too :(

  3. You have been busy! What a great quilt that is. Sorry to hear about your mom, but she is in good hands I trust. Congrats on Steph going to Italy and for Ashley having a new baby.