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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pink For a Girl Named Megan

Megan's day started with a new pink helmet.
 She didn't have a clue that it went with a new bike!!!
poses are important
little sister following big
had to hide the fugly car
Her dad, my Ben, turned it into a trike so she can ride ride ride!!
Megan has inner ear trouble, so riding a two wheel was a little to scary, but not the end of the world.
my pixie
 as with many others, Jude has influenced me to try some weaving. Scraps from my mom's favorite shirt and my daughters dying experiments....she was trying to get to black....but these purple bits go with moms bits.
 new threads and new pens
 I use the pens for marking fabric, they are the washable kind **that is important!!! if you want it to wash out**
The threads are the Cosmo "Multi Work" 2-strand that I have fallen in *love with. I would enjoy having all the colors of this thread, but I don't have to HAVE them. These colors are for the Tropical quilt I am working on...and maybe for a few other just never know.
My thimble for size.  My mom gave me this thimble when I was a teen.  She had my initials, the ones I use for signing my work, engraved in it.
this is jill buckley's doodle version that i have blogged before, this is not usually how i do mine on my work, this is better
*the cosmo thread is different from DMC, has a longer wear, or I would use that because I have lots of those colors!


  1. Weaving is fun, isn't it! I love those colors!

  2. A pink helmet and a pink bike. How nice. Did she just think she was getting a helmet to wear around the house?
    You are on a roll with your new weaving piece. Good oh.