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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb. Sketchbook Challenge is "Opposites"

Stephanie had a hard time with Jan. challenge word{s} Highly Prized, and never did come up with something to show on paper...though she did do painting on herself, so I guess that counts too???
I did not, like most of the contributers, I went with family and family and their art.

This month is "Opposites" and I had a hard time with this one for the first few days.  Stephanie did not.
left side, no flash, just the SUN
 But of course there it was on the design wall staring me in the face. In the above pix, I  will add the paper 'pattern' of this tree to the area I have outlined in embroidery thread, after I am done messing with the fabric.
right side
 I 'sun' dyed this tree design last summer. It's on cotton batt. I came across the shirt it's on here, the other day. Thrifted for the texture of the fabric, a gauzy weave like this pictured below.[Googled]
 Yes, the buttons will stay on and it will end up more 'quilt' than 'sketchbook'.
 Sewing with felt, wool or otherwise, is another thing I would like to do. But alas, I have only some 'otherwise' in bright colors, not what I wanted here.  So I dug out the cotton batt again and painted it.
paint brush used on left side piece, plastic card used on right side
 First I used a brush.  Hated it.  The green paint I have is all lumpy, so I dumped some clumps out on the batt and stared at it for a few nano's until the vision of credit card danced in my head. {no grammar intended}
hanging to dry
2 of the colors of the paint i used
So I scrapped and I smeared to my hearts content.
So maybe blowin' paint outta jet engine isn't so crazy....

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  1. Great tree and that shirt is the perfect background for it!