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Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

I got this for Valentines Day...a place for the plastic wrap!!

 I thought I would show off my husbands nifty idea.  He made shelves for the pantry {to replace the dumb ass wire shelves}. I have a thing about the front of the plywood being covered up with moulding. So he came up with a way of holding up the shelf AND having the front edge covered all with one 2x2!
 He cut an "L" in the 2x2 the depth of the plywood.
L  shot of 2x2 from below. R  shot of plywood resting in the L of the 2x2.
 I thought my ottoman storage space looked nicely colorful today. I am starting to keep separate bowls and things for the threads for my different projects, and 2 jars of pens.  Oh and a stapler is in there...the purple thing on the far left. I think it ended up in there when I needed a quick hiding place.  

Dan was going to get me some ....
....but that aisle in Safeway was crowded with people getting lots of stuff and Dan felt kinda cheap just getting one box, so he got none.
Ok though....I had a Pixie jump into bed with me this noon-ish and she came with peanut butter cup/hearts. {i took an antihistamine at 8 am because of this cold i have, so i got up really late}


  1. Oh, you are nicely organized. That is so thoughtful.

  2. Your ottoman space looks like fun. Wish my valentine had gotten me a shelf but he did buy me a massage...I'm plagued by back aches all night long while I sleep. I cried when he gave it to me.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    xo Susan