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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Advent Idea and the Jan. Sketchbook Challenge

Remember wayyyyyyyyy back in December when I had fun printable boxes and things for Advent??  Well I just found this one for Valentines Day and thought, what the heck...I think I really like that it's not red. or. pink.
find here
 January's Sketchbook Challenge was Highly Prized.  So I made my book of highly prized things. 
 I haven't added any writing because I am not sure how I want to do that.  Yes by hand would be best, but do I want anyone to be able to READ it?????

 L, one of daughter Stephanie's PT's from a painting project. 
R, my dad on the beach print, leaf and wasp nest 'paper'.
 L,  is a page of color for me...fabric, catalog cover and lots of glue. 
R. side, a page of my Dad's work. 
 L, my own quilt design, U.S. parks pass, tree by Megan. 
R, doily from my fraternal grandmothers things, barely visible teapot by Meg. That page will get something else...when I find it....
 Son Ben's work on L. My mom's on the R, including a Hardanger Santa.
 Daughter Ashley's work on the L. from her teen years of course. Most of the watercolor looking pages are paper towels used in project clean-ups.
As the turd swirls...Tropical is now coral-ized, all 18 clumps...batches...groupings??  I now need to add more bg fabric to the sides and get my turtles, dolphin and seahorses started! 

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  1. Nice little Valentine box! I love the hearts and stars too!