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Thursday, February 03, 2011


I found this crocheted heart design on a blog, which I need find because it seems I didn't save it in my Evernote!!!! FOUND IT{Thank You Susan, I love this tool}  I decided to try making a continuous string of hearts, and it worked.
Then Megan asked if I could make I did....and managed to make a string of them too, and used up the yellow cotton yarn I had.

back side to show how they string together

I hopped over to Bunny Tales blog recently and she had these threads on sale.....these are the variated version of the Cosmo Lecien threads I have recently been all skippty-do-da over....
...the multi-work thread is perfect for does not fray...
repeat....IT. DOES. NOT. FRAY.
Since Mom has been in the hospital/nursing home, Dan and I have been having 'date nights'.  We sit here in our chairs watching Battlestar Galactica.  Ben brought these home one evening for us to enjoy during "your date with dad tonight."  Brownie Points for Ben!
As for me, I have been watching Dexter and have found another show called Survivors. I love watching a tv series all in a row!  Mom and I have enjoyed other shows this way too, like Kingdom and Waiting for God.
I went to visit mom yesterday.  It was lunch time, she was in the dining room at a table for 4.  She was the only one dozing. 

She was so happy to see me, yet it made me so sad. She doesn't remember she broke her leg, until she is moved and then it hurts.  But to her, it's just pain, not anything specific. 


  1. Hi ya Vicky! I can see that Megan tugged on your heartstrings until she made you see stars!

    your photos in this post are really great....and I love the heart and star garlands!!! I also think it's cool that you're having date nights at home. Good for you.

  2. I love those hearts, and I hate crochet. But those are so cute; I may have to revise my thinking.
    You are getting some needed time off -- enjoy.