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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ok, Change{s}

My son is not a reader....scratch that....WAS not a reader until recently.  He had a super boring shift at work, so he asked me for a book to read.  Oh. My. Yes.  

Lately I have been reading S. M. Stirling and even bought some of the books....gasp....on the cheap of course.  So I gave Ben the first of one of a series and it looks like I had better finish #3 soon because he is going to be asking for it, as he is half way through #2.

My girls have always read, as have I, as had my mom.  The guys in the family have done other things before the reading of a good book have become an interest.  My Dad, my brother and now my son.

I like this change. Yes I do.
Lily has grown out of the 'boat' stool
I have a numbers thing...not any particular number....just a thing for them.  I noticed the cable box was set to a DMC embroidery thread number....a blue in this case. 
No I don't know all the DMC #'s by heart....
Dark Wedge Wood
they have lots of the same colors in machine thread too, which I did knot know.
Megan made a teapot and I will be saving it in my Highly Prized Sketchbook...and while this page sat open while I brushed her hair, she read most of the sentence to me!  Double Prized!


  1. Love the tea pot! And glad to hear you're enjoying a bit of a break while Mom is away. A broken femur is a doozy...I imagine she'll be in rehab for some time??