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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family Matters

Well mom has been moved from the hospital to a nursing home for further care.  She is still messed up by the anesthesia, according to a nurse.  She is off the pain meds which surprised me.  Have I mentioned that she broke her femur, not her hip?? Have I also mentioned that she is almost 89 years old??

I have spent the last 2 cloudy days veg-ing....I think I am still shedding the stress I didn't know I was carrying around.

I have done some sewing on the Tropical quilt, and some on the Sketchbook challenge project, that seeming to help.  Wonder if Steph has done any on her sketchbook??  Guess I should go ask her.


  1. Sounds like everyone's on the mend. Good news all 'round.

  2. I am so glad you are getting some relaxation and shedding stress.

  3. I hope your Mom continues to improve and I hope you get a lot more rest!

  4. Glad things are progressing for everyone.

    Go do some things you are unable to do when the crowd is there, even if it is vacuuming and airing. Will help get rid of the cobwebs, literally and figuratively!