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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Smudgy Fudgies ie: Sketchbook Challenge

Stephanie is doing the Sketchbook Challenge with me.  She noticed the ink was non-toxic.....we really like trees!
 This picture above, is Highly Prized to daughters art on herself wearing an enameled necklace made by her grandmother, possibly while she was in college too.
And this is made from the PT Steph used to clean up the ink she knocked over....The love of colorful paper towels are something we share.
As for Stephanie's Sketchbook....and I quote;

"Nothing really on the paper except for smudgy fudgies."  


  1. Fun ideas with the ink. That second photo is fantastic and so meaningful!

  2. I did not know grandma made that necklace! I'm glad I didn't crop it out because that is way cool.