Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Rich Win Again

This being an election day, I am actually paying some attention to some of it.

Reason #1= income tax on those who make more than 200K a year.  Failed.
so the rich stay rich and us poor [literally] schmucks will get poorer..because it will all get worse in the next couple of months. Why?  the state is increasing the minimum wage AGAIN.  That means EVERYTHING will go up in cost, more jobs will be lost and fewer people will be able to buy pizza.  ***

Did you know that the average tip for a pizza delivery is one dollar.  1$.  Thats it.  And the worst tippers?  The people who would be paying that state income tax!!!!

Bill Gates Sr. came up with that tax idea....and the money would have been for the schools.  So quit screaming about the crowding in the schools because it's going to get worse.

One guy they interviewed said "I was one of the people who would have had to pay that tax, thank you voters."

I am sure not enough poor people voted or this would have passed.....a tax for the rich....come on people.

Reason #2 was the Liquor Initiative.  Privatize booze, take the state out of the liquor business.....lose more money for the state which would result in more job losses....I wanted this one to pass and it did.  Good.  Maybe my son won't lose his job...

*** the increase in wage wasn't too bad in 2003 or 2004, but when it was raised again a year later, a 200$ trip to Safeway suddenly became 400$.  That hurt bad!

History of Minimum Wage in Washington State
Effective dateMinimum wage per hour
January 1, 2010$8.55
January 1, 2009$8.55
January 1, 2008$8.07
January 1, 2007$7.93
January 1, 2006$7.63
January 1, 2005$7.35
January 1, 2004$7.16
January 1, 2003$7.01

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