Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Girls with Curls

 Rhiley in costume and curls
it's hard to choose just one....
 Progress on the house A & D are building.  
On the left side there is the open space under the stairs...
 ...this space above, that is going to be wasted.  WASTED.
at least until after the final papers are signed, then the kids can cut thru the  sheetrock to open this up for storage/play area. This large opening faces the garage, which is still ideal for putting a door in.  For saving money, it's all enclosed as opposed to having to 'finish' off the area with sheetrock.  
 living room and kitchen, above....looking out to the garage, below
The Yorba family, my daughter Ashley, Rhiley and SIL Danny.


  1. Cute cute and cute.

    Good progress on the house - when do they expect to be able to move in?

  2. Rhiley is just darling!

    I love seeing the house progress photos. It is odd that the space under the stairs will be closed in. It does seem like a waste. Will they have to put a big header above the opening when they decide to turn it into storage?