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Friday, September 10, 2010

So Maybe I'm Not A Whale....

But I'm not a dolphin yet either.....thank you everyone for the encouragement!  Just like anyone else, that's what I need.  I have started the walking again, granted it's not been much, but I gotta start somewhere. We have the girls today, for the weekend actually, so I will take them with me, but leave the dogs on the deck.  Megan starts school on Monday, I will take a picture of her this weekend since I won't see her Mon. am.


  1. Don't ever feel bad about yourself! If you are ready to lose weight, you will do it. take it one day at a time and, like you said, start somewhere. When I started exercising seriously a few years ago it took me 3 months of making myself do it before I finally felt like it was making me healthier and happier. It was very hard to get through that first 3 months. I hated every single minute of exercising - including the yoga!

  2. Just be OK with yourself and your decisions. If today is @#$%y then tomorrow's gotta be better. I've started over so many times, I don't even count. What I do or don't do doesn't matter to anyone but ME! ( matters to the cute man at the other end of the sofa, but he diets too!)

  3. Do it because You want to! I will be cheering you on, I have been there myself, and believe me if I can do it you most certainly can. But , and as other commenters here have said, don't beat yourself, every little bit helps and just take things one step at a time!