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Monday, September 13, 2010

I. Am. Pooped.

The Mosaic Block quilt is sandwiched and ready to start quilting....when I have some energy.  I had the girls for 3 days straight, the pay-for sitter wasn't able to take them this weekend.  And Ben had a mandatory over-time shift Saturday night, so I didn't even get that little break.
Quilt with Dogs
Back of quilt, 1 dog.

Daddy carrier.
Hop on auntie.
i had to add this to the quilt.....need i say more?
The neighbor got this boat.....whole-sail.....gafaw....
[base of potty chair]
Megan starts school today! Steph painted her toes...these are the only pix I have of this Great Moment.....her feet!
Lots of Lily pix though!

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