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Thursday, April 08, 2010

I Am Urrkk't

irritated. bothered. maddened.
I thought I might need another spool of the Oliver Twist thread I am using for the stitching on the mosaic blocks.
After searching for a decent deal, I figured I would get the spool from eQuilter where I got the first spool.
14.50 $. For 3 spools? Ok. Shipping = 5.95 sheesh.
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What came in the mail was 1. One. A single spool.
I wrote them a note suggesting they change the wording. I was nice about it, didn't make waves, didn't ask for anything. So I got a reply thanking me for the suggestion, sorry you were bummed, have a nice day.
Guess I should have bitched, might have gotten something for my 20 bucks.

On a completely different note.......
WM commented that her eyebrows were getting a hint of grey/gray in them, and thought maybe she could use Just For Men on them. But I am concerned she might start growing facial hair....better to use a permanent marker.....


  1. Do you mean to tell me that you only received one spool of thread and mailing for $20? That is crazy!

  2. Yikes. Yes. I would have been annoyed. That product photo is a tad deceptive; makes one think that one is getting three spools, not one.