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Saturday, April 10, 2010

not a good day

with these
did this
which left me....
she picked the block that represents my children.


  1. Since you have NO other choice, you MUST look at the good side of this. 1) look at what you've taught her-sew it together, cut it up, sew it together again. 2) She was VERY careful until her interest waned at the end. 3) Needle turn applique can solve almost all of it. 5) Megs needs her own stash and some rules. 6) Grammie needs some love.

    SO sorry this has happened Vicky, and boy! what a shock.


  2. Oh my, I would have blown a matter how cute she is. Guess that's why I don't have children!

  3. oh i know how you feel, my daughter frequently does things like this.

  4. Oh, my. We love to see their creative side emerge, but not quite like this.

  5. Kids do funny and seemingly irrational things sometimes. I hope you can see eventually some humor, but for now it seems devastating I am sure!

  6. Oh, crapping heck!

    Um. Any chance of making a block with the photos from this post? They really do tell a story!

  7. Uh Oh!!! I guess I would be spitting nails. My grand daughter cut one of my table coverings one time, while the other grandmother laughed when she cup her curtains!