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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Floor Plans for the future

Christine has asked if the site for these houses is sloped.....we don't know...we think the site is in this area above near the elementary school!....

Ashley and I were looking at the available floor plans the Housing Authority has, and there are others if you are curious like me.

you can click to enlarge, I hope. Ashley was told you can makes changes to your home after completion. So we were looking at how to add a shower to the second bathroom...we were also looking at how closing off one door would make more room in the full bath....and other fun stuff! I also hope wall to wall is not a requirement, because bare floors are better for us allergy prone people.


  1. So much fun to plan and play around with ideas!

  2. I love floor plans. I enjoy walking around them in my mind.
    Is the proposed house site a slope?