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Monday, January 18, 2010

Beach ~ Fish ~ Log Cabins

Stephanie found these cute fish magnets to give as a gift....but she couldn't just leave them in the package, she wanted to magnet them to something. So after rustling through the 'junk' drawers we have, she found this piece of metal that was once a napkin holder I believe....
Cool gift, huh?
I have a thing for log cabins, so I decided to make myself one. These are from the branch I found in my neighbors yard, the one we used the "top" of for a Christmas tree.
I know it looks really strange right now, but it is a work in progress after all. Dan helped me with the drilling {holes for the dowels} and has come up with a few ideas for this too, so it's turning into a project for both of us!
"Dad On Beach" is finally hung up! I just pulled the cotton batt on the edges to roughen them for the 'infinity' idea Christine suggested, {last year, LOL}, instead of binding the quilt and making an end to the beach, water and sky, which we all know are never ending.
And at the top of the driftwood 'shelf' are my jars of sand, dirt and Mt. St. Helene's ash.
Left side jar: bottom sand is from Tasmania, which has beautiful beaches! This sand was sent by a friend who lives there and knows about the beaches. I think, but could be wrong, the St. Helene's ash sits on top of the Tasmania sand. The 'rock' is chalky stuff, I think from WY.

Right side jar: dirt from Utah and Wyoming.....can't remember which is which.
Not all of my jars are properly tagged.


  1. "Dad on the Beach" is a beautiful quilt. Leaving the edges raw was a perfect way to treat it. It does go on forever.

  2. Your "Dad on Beach" is truly a work of art. Amazing! I also love your new kitty banner. Log cabins are great. I always wanted to live in one.

  3. thank you everyone! btw vicki, i fixed my faux paw!!

  4. I love the drift wood frame, it is perfect for the piece. Look forward to seeing what you do with the log cabin. Great idea!

  5. Stunning! I love how you finished and framed it, really unusual and very eyecatching.