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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friendly Cats

This is my neighbors cat, he likes to watch Dan when he is working on the house. Guy thing.

My brother and sister in law have a cat they named Snork....they live in northern Alberta my brothers words;

"The cat’s normal trick for cold nights is to ask to be let out at 11:00 pm then hang around the front door to the apartment building until someone comes home. Once in he can sleep in the heated stairwell the rest of the night of race up and down the stairs. Around 6:30 our neighbour leaves for work and the cat goes out with him, pees and then runs up the plank to the deck so when we get up at 7:00 it looks like he’s been out braving the winter cold all night so we’ll be nice to him. He’ll even rub snow into his coat and stick leaves to his ears to heighten the outdoorsman look. Now it’s so warm he doesn’t bother and he goes over to the college to do foot patrol with the night security or next door to the Youth Assessment Centre to hang with the night staff at their outdoor smoking area. Maybe grab a late snack with them too. He really likes people and now has the full run of the building and everyone knows him. Only person he avoids is the Mr “No Pets in the Building” manager.

Snork (cat’s name is Snorkel) also runs across the street to see the kids off on the bus on school days. He’ll even lay in the street on his back when cars are coming to get the girls to scream."


  1. Ha! Whoever coined that phrase "dumb animals" obviously never had a cat,(or dog!) Are you familiar with LoLcats btw?

  2. Jules~~ Are the LoL cats the ones of funny sayings attached to the cat photos??? Animals are not dumb. Not by a long shot. Now as for a few humans I have known, I shall remain silent!