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Sunday, November 01, 2009

halloween at my house

We have a different sort of neighbors in this hood...THEY come to you with the candy. This chicken came by, and a couple of other kids came by with candy for Megan and Lily. Gotta love the neighbors!

Rhiley, above. Megan, below. Page wanted some candy too...
Lily....look at that attitude! That stance! Bring it on.
The costume is a butterfly. It's soft, it's cute, it's pink.

the wings and the padded rear end of the jacket. This outfit will be making a repeat performance in a couple of years, but on Rhiley.


  1. What great costumes and darling children.

  2. Little cute Halloween characters!!! That pink costume, the same as my daughter's, is even cuter on her. :)
    I'll be posting mine later on.