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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Dad On Beach-----Done-----except for....

the outside border-frame. I need to let this hang on the design wall for awhile until the solution for it pops into my head. I did very little quilting in the sky portion.
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Hey look who turned up this last weekend....College Girl.
below....need i say more?
My babies have blue eyes...sing with me folks....

Rhiley and Lily
Lily's shirt has a blinker behind the robot [from Wall E]
Finally have this quilt hanging....via a cool stick and a rusty bottle opener. Found the bottle opener in the junk box and figured I would make use of it.
I tried to get my brother, on the left, to stand up with my son, in the middle holding his niece, so I could get a picture of the infamous Johnson Forehead, a genetic feature in our family. Alas, no go. In fact, I got laughed at....laughed....I tell you, laughed at.


  1. First I was excited to see the beach piece almost done but then I was totally distracted by that bottle opener hanger. How clever!

  2. many times have we searched the junk drawer for something and pushed aside things like the bottle opener?? I will be looking at them in a new way from now on...

  3. I love your quilt. I hope you don't box it in with a heavy frame. Right now it looks so open and expansive -- the sky, the beach.
    I don't have a good idea for you, but I am sure you will come up with a solution.

  4. Christine that alone is a grand idea! Not boxing it in is perfect! I can fray the edges....thank you!!!!!!