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Friday, October 30, 2009

You're Excused

Sweet! I have excused from jury duty!!!!

I have anxiety issues, panic attacks, however you want to classify my mental weirdness. I am on medication, but I still get the 'need to flee' feeling when asked to wait....for anything! One way for me to overcome that feeling is to talk or play my game boy [yes, old school].

Don't think any judge is going to allow that by any juror.


  1. Whatever it takes - you just keep on doing it.

  2. dd#3 bought me a Nintendo DS Lite. OMG, I love the darned thing! I've only been called to Jury service once, but placed on an "already settled" case. Sad thing was, I had to report for work (in the next building), lol.

  3. Every time I have been called to jury duty it has been for some criminal case, murder or child molestation. I dread it whenever I get the notice in the mail. I just want to be called for a civil case sometime. Glad you are off and have a resource to calm yourself.