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Monday, October 26, 2009

Progress....Dad On Beach...part 6

I have no idea what 'numbered part' of this project I should be on, but 6 sounded good. Last night I got past the water and into the sky, but didn't take a picture of it.

Craft with drawls. Poor Steph was sitting in her dorm room with only a new, large set of Sharpie pens that I gave her for college, which have earned her the name of Sharpie Girl by her dorm mates,BTW.

Anyway...there she sat having serious with drawls...the need to create weighing on her right brain. It might have been the Art History exam that started it...after examining all those old paintings, something is bound to rub off. So how to fix this to the College Book Store for some art supplies!!!!!

I know...OMG...don't you know how costly the book store is?? She says she didn't get that much, mostly paper. But I can see that she is going to need to snag a few things from home next weekend, for the next time she needs to create! And take pictures for me to blog!

After all....Home is where the heART is..... hehehehe.....


  1. What wonderful progress you are making with this. It is really beautiful. I love the way you quilted it and the colors are so lovely.

    I will be back on my blog soon.

  2. the quilting is beautiful on this piece Vicky!