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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Old Home Week and Answers

My previous view. From my kitchen window. Seriously. My view was framed by lovely trees, but that picture is buried in the photo albums.
The Sierra Buttes in California were the view out my window. I miss that view something fierce!! and it's been like...17 years since I gazed daily upon it.
Besides the bird....check out the old wood and rocks.
Here's the house that has a kitchen window that gazes upon that lovely view! Of the Buttes you nut, not the bird. Enlarge the picture to see the really cool railing that follows the fun steps up to the house. Here's where my crooked ideas come from. Mom called it the Crooked Man railing, as in "There was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile..." The stairs that don't show in this picture, are cement and follow the contours of the land...around the propane tank and a tree stump or 2.

I still call it 'my house' even though I haven't lived there in 17 years. My mom sold it about a year after we moved here to WA. I was very upset for a long time, felt like a safe haven had been taken away from me. Not to mention losing something I loved loved loved.

Comments needing comments from me...."Warty Mammal said: Sounds like there have been some unexpected bonuses from the tonsil removal." [in ref to Megan] Oh you bet WM, Megan is doing really well with the whole thing. Though I did notice last night that she wasn't hearing as well, which could be selective. But overall, Megan is happier, still eats like a growing child, answers questions with something other than "what?", besides having a girly voice now.

Christine said: I think this is going to be an outstanding piece.[ Dad on Beach] The photo lines are perfect with the hand dyed background. How did you do that? Actually Christine, Vicki Welsh did it! I asked her to do the 'sand and water' dying on the diagonal, and this is actually the back side of the fabric because it worked out perfectly!!


  1. This is beautiful. Washington is great in its own right, but I can understand being saddened at losing your refuge.

  2. I can see why you loved that place. It is very beautiful....sigh...