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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Migraine anyone?

Ben called last night because he was in the middle of a migraine and a panic attack was complicating it. So as I talked, and soothed him, I Googled migraines and found this picture on artist rendition of the 'zig zags' that often lead up to the headache. This is exactly what I get!! But without the headache.
I know, I am very lucky.
The latest in Grandpa and Rhiley pix. She is now 2.5 months old.
Dad on Beach progress. As I suspected I had no pearl cottons to fit this piece, but then I don't have a collection of those threads that I do in DMC colors.
I pulled out the colors for the 'sand'....pale pale pinks and lavenders as mom suggested. I am following the dye 'lines' because I love to do that vs. going in a 'regular' pattern. I pulled out some stitching on the left side of Dad. I needed to change thread colors....


  1. Your Dad quilt is going to be so beautiful. What a wonderful memory piece.

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