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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chief Bottlewasher

That was me on Sunday. Ashley and BirthdayGirl Steph went shopping, and I stayed home. A. needed all this washed up so I did it for her. She is breast feeding Rhiley, so she has to pump and save her milk on work days. The stored milk was souring to fast , sometimes in mere hours, so I suggested she use glass to store the milk in. So far so good! Of course getting a bunch of jars is simple....head for the canning section of WalMarche.
Before College Girl went back to school Sunday afternoon, I had her take the kick plate off the front door.
So I can clean and then paint it with this cool paint Dan picked up. The finished look is "Hammered Aluminium" and it's perfect!
Here is the door knocker I sprayed...and the 2 other door knockers I got....
to replace the original.......won't work because the holes in the door are different and it's a steel door.
I will use these on the deck anyway.....maybe as plant hangers. [these 2 were white]

Otherwise I have been doing very little of anything. I have been ill. Doctor wants me to give up the Paxil because I can't lose weight taking it. [it's for panic attacks] So as soon as I switched to Prozac, I started to get to feeling crappy. After 2 weeks of steadily getting worse, I took myself off the Prozac and back onto the Paxil until I get something different from the doc. I know self doctoring is not that smart, but I also know my panic level better than my doctor does!!!!

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